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Mr John Taylor

Mr John Taylor

UAE South Bank provides a unique and innovative education, preparing young people for success in a rapidly changing world. We are a happy school with high standards of behaviour where students feel safe and secure. 

We build strong relationships with every student, nurturing their personal growth. Through carefully designed experiences, we support them to become confident, ambitious and socially responsible young men and women. 

Our curriculum has been planned to promote scholarship, intellect and creativity as our students explore a rich body of knowledge across a broad range of subjects. Through our careers, enrichment and Day 10 programmes, we build their capacity to take advantage of the opportunities and develop their commitment to improve the lives of others in their community and beyond.

We have carefully designed the school experience to ensure all our students are constantly challenged in ways that support their development. The excellent levels of engagement in lessons and our teachers’ high expectations mean all students are challenged in every lesson. Stimulating lessons stretch learners and encourage deep thinking.

Basically, our school values determine who we are and inform what we say. 

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